Friday, September 28, 2012

Kid at Heart

Thank the Good Lord it's Friday.
I wasn't quite sure if I was going to make it through that last week.
In 22 days
This hottie and I...

 will be...

Headed to Disney!
The most wonderful time of the year plus the most wonderful place on earth??
We'll be in Heaven.

Even though it's our honeymoon and you're suppose to relax, look lovingly into each other's eyes, and well...
other things too...
We've decided to jam pack ours full of fun.
This is both of our first times going and who knows when we'll get to go again.
So why not?! {we'll sleep some other time}

{I may be more excited about Disney than our actual wedding}
I'm just such a kid at heart!


This week is a hodge podge of things..

My Shutterfly album arrived today! I've been patiently tracking that sucker{like a stalker} all week. It's exactly how i pictured it would be, and can't wait for all the details to come together.

I also checked out the Michael's Grand opening Sale today and got 20 foam brushes for a buck!
I thought it was a fluke. really. i did. Until i got to the register.
I got the brushes. 3 packs of paper. and 6 packs of brads for 
I love Hobby Lobby. But Michaels may have just trumped them in the craft supply dept!
Check this post to get the most of your coupons from HL, Joanns and Michaels.

I also channeled my inner Pioneer Woman and threw all caution to the wind to make her Carrot Cake.
Dangerously fatty. but oh-so good!
Now that i'm looking at this, three of the pics are food related.
{We don't judge on this blog--eat whatever you want--I won't tell}

Mac and Cheese was on the menu tonight, while I was crafting up some favor tags.
Hmm. What could they be? :)

And because I love to see my Manly man doing Manly things...a bonus pic of him mowing the lawn.
;) I'm sure he'd love to know that picture is on here!

Enjoy your weekend!
What are you thankful for??

Thursday, September 27, 2012

What I'm Lovin Wednesday [Fall TV's back]

{It's Thursday--but lets pretend it's Wednesday just for this post!}
Fall TV is Finally back
Can I get a Whoop Whoop?!
I always get giddy when I get to see my characters again. 
It's like seeing friends that you haven't got to see all summer.
Except they're serial killers, or revenge murders, or singing high schoolers.

So this week i'm loving all things Fall TV Premiers!

I was hesitant how they were gonna transition the show with all the great singers [Mercedes, Rachel] graduating..but they've done a pretty awesome job.
I hardly noticed some people gone--and new favs are making their way in!

Give this a listen...LOVE it!

And loving this stud!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


My poor little neglected blog!
We're at {29 days} and wellllll blogging hasn't made it to the top of the priority list lately.

 I promise I'll be back in full swing once the wedding is over, and we get back from our Honeymoon!

I was thinking back a few days ago, and I realized I have not taken more than a 
couple days off since starting my job 2 years ago.
I love my job...but goodness...I need a break.

So today i thought I'd give you a little Fall-spiration!
 I've had so much fun decorating my house for the season.
I'll breakdown where I got all the crafty/Fall goodies

First things first--Pumpkins!
Everyone has their go-to Pumpkin Patch or farmer's stand.
I love those experiences,
but I'm also planning a wedding so CHEAP outweighed the experience this year!

 I got a few pumpkins at Wal-mart last week.
Classic Jack-o-lantern pumpkins were $2.88/each
They had a variety box where the pumpkins were .48 cents/pound. 

I picked up 2 Jacks, a Jarrahdale, and a Buckskin pumpkin.
I also grabbed a small pie pumpkin and 4 bags of gourds/pumpkins.
 All for $21!

 Wreath is from Hobby Lobby.
I got it when I first saw the Fall aisle {Late June} and I splurged!
It was $30 {Originally $60 but got it half off}

Crow and Pumpkin stand is from a home decor shop in Lafayette called The Big Event

Mums are from a Nursery in Lafayette. 
They are HUGE! I could not even pick them up by myself.

Witch Parking sign was $1 in the Dollar Bins at Target
3 Grapevine Brooms and Owl were $2.50/each at Target
Terracotta vase was $2 {half off} at Hobby Lobby
The burlap ribbon I had on hand {but it came from Hobby Lobby too} 
 Total for this $10.50

Sign was $8 at Hobby Lobby.

I also made these snazzy Fall pillows.
The Chevron Fabric is from HL
and the other is a $10 dropcloth from Walmart 
{I could make another 5 pillows with leftovers}

And a sneak peek at the Inside.
Most of this decor is reused from somewhere else or from last year.

Even the pups are getting into the spirit!

Have you started decorating for Fall yet?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

What I'm Loving Wednesday {Fall Edition}

Have you checked out my Pinterest?

I've been on a roll lately--pinning tons of pumpkin recipes, fall decorating ideas, and lots of Halloween party ideas!

If we weren't going to be returning from our Honeymoon right around Halloween, I would totally be planning a super Halloween party this year. 
Wouldn't that be a {fantastic} idea to celebrate our anniversary?
Any excuse to have a party, right?
Hmm. Light Bulb!!
We'll just have to see how that pans our for next year.

 Now, onto what I'm {loving}:

I'm still head over heels in LOVE with our engagement pictures.
I'm hoping to have time to transform this little gem into something beautiful for my Shower next week.

{Loving} this little funny.

{Loving} these Fall Food Finds:

Puppy Chow + Pumpkin= Soo Dangerous!!
I may or may not have all the ingredients in my cabinets to make this this weekend.

{Loving} this color combo! I'm on the hunt for some orange flats.

A few fun party ideas...

And because I've been watching Big Bang reruns on the DVR all night

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

{Freebie} Happy Fall Ya'll Banner

It's Fall Ya'll!

The house is officially decked out for the season and I am one happy little lady!
Here's my Fall Mantle
Beautiful, isn't it?

See that sweet little pumpkin topiary? 
I'll be showing you how to make one of those little guys later this week!

Also be on the lookout for our adventures to the Strawberry Patch Barn Sale.
I've been waiting forever to go--and it's finally here!!

Now onto the good stuff.
See this cute little "Fall Ya'll" Banner?

Well i've made it a {Free} Download just for you! Ch-yea!
I also added a Happy for those who would like the whole phrase!

**The Happy is larger on purpose so that you can make a double banner.
Hang Happy above the  Fall Ya'll to create a layered look**

I backed each letter with burlap and placed the letters on jute twine. 

Pick them up here and here add them to your Fall Decor.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Tired but thankful

This week has been an absolute blur.
With working full time and planning a wedding i'm going {Crazy!}

I'm just now getting around to posting my "I'm thankful" wrap-up from last week.

Enjoy a little sneak peek into my week!

My lovely future mother-in-law and I stayed up into the wee hours of Sunday morning working on DIY wedding gifts.
They were a burden of love to make--but they turned out spectacular.
There's nothing in the world I'd rather lose sleep over than crafting!!

Our to-do list today included a trip to Lowes to purchase lots and lots of wood. 
2x4s...2x6s...dowels...oh my!
I'm excited for everyone to see all the DIY details that are going to be incorporated into our Big Day! 

I have also made a little time to craft just for fun this week.
Some Dollar Store picture frames got a little Fall Facelift
I've been working on another fall craft that will be {Featured} soon on Bee of Good Cheer!

And one of my favorite things about Fall?
Caramel Apple Pops!!
{CVS had a variety pack--and I dare to say they were better than the original Green Apple}
So go snatch some of those up before they're gone!


It's September now--so get those Fall Decorations up without {ANY} shame!

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