Wednesday, January 30, 2013

What i'm Loving Wednesday!

It's Wednesday again!

I love this day because it's a "work from home" day for me and breaks up the week oh-so-nicely.
I worked on the couch rockin' some Mickey mouse PJ's and a bad hair do,
the pups played NONSTOP {I need some of that energy!},
then I took a lunch break at Griffs with the hubs 
and it was back to work!

Hard life, isn't it? ;)

All this hard work gets me thinkin' about what i'm lovin' this week!
Go ahead and click here and play this song while scrolling along.

 I'm LOVING Phillip Phillip's CD right now.
Particularly the song you should be listening to while scrolling and "Gone Gone Gone"
Who am I kidding? I love every single one!

 I'm LOVING this PYP steal that I got in the mail today.
You can't have enough font stamps!

LOVING this Valentine Banner I made earlier this week.
Stay tuned because a tutorial is going up tmrw!

I scored these awesome "Fall & Winter" samples from Lowes today for $2.97/each.
I saw the words "Fall" and a pumpkin on the display and well...i was sold!
I bought these, some thin wood sheeting and some plexiglass.
Can't wait to show you what i've got up my sleeve.

LOVING our precious fur babies. They make my life so happy.

LOVING these Pinterest finds this week.

And I'm LOVING that this handsome fella and I have been married for 100 days!
{We took this pic at midnight on Monday--Which was our 100th day}

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy week

It's been such a fun weekend having my sister here!
I'll most more about that tmrw, but here's some snippets of the last week.

These little guys caught my eye at the HL.
Glittery Valentine hearts, and could it be?? A Chalkboard?!
I tried them out as soon as I got home, and sure enough they're chalkboards!
Stay tuned because I have a fun little idea in the works.
I wanted to dress up the guest bathroom a little
since we're having several weekend guests over the next couple months.
I found this idea on Pinterest, and immediately found an unused glass container
 and filled it with mini soaps and such from hotels we've stayed at. 
I love that all the soaps are the same color as the bathroom decor!

There's a first time for everything, so why not let your eyebrows get ripped out by string?
Result: More painful than I thought, but they look beautimous!

Diet is still going strong, and i've started back on couch for 5k.
Here's to week 2!

We finally got all of our wedding/engagement pics printed. Over 1000 prints from Shutterfly for $98!

A friend of mine had a birthday last week, and I wrapped up a little homemade gift for her.
Can't wait to give it to her today!

Stumbled upon all this black and yellow beauty at the Lobby
the same day I scored the little heart chalkboards.
I didn't buy anything...but there is a polka dot Bee cake stand that is to die for!
{My birthday is the 26 of Feb, if anyone is looking for a birthday present for me! *Hint hint*}

And here's my little sister chopping off all my hair.
Right now it's a little below my shoulders {We already cut off 8 inches}
but i'm going to have her trim a little more off this weekend.
I LOVE it so far. See ya long hair!!

Happy Week Friends.

Monday, January 28, 2013


Time: 12:52 AM
Location: Couch next to my honey.
Watching: Two episodes of Castle.
Wearing: Hub's Tshirt & Sweat Pants
Eating: Nothing
Drinking: Nothing
Thinking: I want a good snow.
Needing: To go to bed!
Wanting: To have a longer weekend.
Crafting: XOXO Valentine Banner
Enjoying: Writing my blog post & my little family.
Loving: That i've been married to my hot husband for 100 days!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{WILW} Valentine's Party Fun

I don't usually decorate for all the seasons,
just the essential Holidays: Fall & Christmas.

But I'm having a Birthday Shindig the weekend before my actual Birthday,
and I want the house to be decked out in Valentine Love!

So this week's WILW is full of lovey, dovey, pink Inspiration.

Since there isn't much to be done outside in the winter,
I'm loving the idea of making something similar to this to go by the front door.

I'm loving these oh-so-cute Valentine Blondies.
{They may already be in my kitchen--thank goodness for WW Flex Points!!}

Loving this "Tree of Love."

Loving this...because some days are just like this :)

Obviously I'm loving this printable!

This is definitely making it to the party!

And here's some decor around the Hodges household that i'm loving!

And like every other day--i LOVE this stud muffin!

Monday, January 21, 2013


I found this Currents Prompt idea here, and thought it would be a fun weekly addition to the blog.

Time: 3:39PM
Location: Sitting on the couch cuddling with my furbabies.
Weather: Sunny & Cold
Mood: Impatient
Drinking: Diet Dr. Pepper
Eating: Peanut Butter & Cheese Crackers
Watching: Mean Girls
Feeling: Thankful that I only had two visits today.
Loving: Ivan Downs Neighborhood
Needing: To finish up some work paperwork
Making: Scrapbook pages from Halloween
Wanting: To buy "our" house.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


You know what that is?

It's my voice! 
I haven't had a voice since Sunday of last week. 
At first it was kind of nice, but it got annoying very quickly considering I have to talk all day for my job.
Even Nick was getting annoyed with me, lovingly asking me to "quit talking so my voice would get better."
Although i'm pretty sure it was because he was tired of hearing me struggle to talk!

Here's a snippet of the past week.

This week the hubs and I went on a date to O'Charleys. We rarely eat out, and I was pretty proud of us because we were able to stick to the diet really well! 
I'm down almost 3 pounds since the beginning of the year and Nick is down 5 pounds. Go us!

Not on the diet front, are the adorable  Minnie Mouse cookies 
I'm making for a friend's little girl's birthday party.
This is the first picture i've posted {Because i'm new to it and pretty self-conscience}, but i'll eventually post more. I'm also tackling some Hungry Caterpillar cookies too and i'll post as soon as I'm done!

The middle picture gave us a good chuckle. Lumen got very concerned when Nick was stretching after his workout and proceeded to come lay down on him. Man's best friend? I think so! I'm chopped liver!

I scored these awesome 28" tall Moss Covered Reindeer from a very expensive boutique in town.
They were originally $40/each.  I found them on clearance for 90% off...which comes to $8 for the pair!
I felt like I was stealing them at that price.

Our friends the Wray's introduced us to this deliciously light salad
If you're looking for something different, try it out!

Being the old people that we are, we've done two puzzles over the last week. 
So fun! 

Much Love, Friends!
Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Valentine Burlap door hanger

Have you ever had that project that no matter how beautiful, fun or easy it looks
 the craft seems too ominous to tackle?

Well that project for me is these adorable burlap door hangers.

I shamelessly bought these two beauties over the last couple of years...
thinking they were a steal at $47.00/each.

But my sweet friend Carmella rocks at making them! Here's a few fun ones she's done recently.

After some encouraging and "insider tips" I attempted my own and I am hooked!

No need to reinvent the if you want some tutorials check out:


Here's the creative process on mine. Scroll for some tips I learned along the way.

Pick a color palette for your project.
{I'm kinda hooked on the pink and blue for Valentines right now}

I typically never measure, but as I said at the beginning, I was a little hesitant about this one
so I sketched my idea out first.

The picture on the right is an extremely accurate chevron stencil made my by my engineer of a husband.
My directions to him where:
"Can you cut me out a chevron stencil please?"
He spent about 30 minutes working on the logistics of it!
Love that man!

Tip: In my opinion, the best dotters on the market are Martha Stewarts.
They are firm without much give, so you get a perfect little dot every time!
I'm sure professional painters may have have their own options--but for the everyday crafter these are WONDERFUL!
You can get them at Michaels or here.

I touched up the pink so it wouldn't be so "Pepto Bismol-y" and then used my super accurate chevron stencil to draw the lines on the burlap with a pencil.

 This picture has an awful shadow, but i wanted to show the final painted  version before stuffing.

Once it dried,
I used hot glue to connect the front and back together and stuffed it with plastic Kroger bags.

Tip: I prefer to use hot glue. That sucker isn't going anywhere, and I love not seeing a stitch or staple.
My friend Carmella staples, and one of the tutorials above sews,
so it's absolutely depends on how you want to tackle it.
All roads lead to an awesome burlap door hanger!

And here's the final product!

If you would like one, but do not have time/energy to complete it, let me know.
I can work with you to complete a custom, fun piece to decorate your door!

Happy Weekend, Friends!!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Pinterest Party!

I'm so excited to share with you a fun little idea I'm tossing around in my head!

Announcing Bee of Good Cheer's first ever....

I've seen this idea floating around the blogisphere...and is seems like such a fun way to combine so many of my favorite things {Friends, crafting, and a good party!}

Here’s the idea:

A small group of lovely ladies
Multiple {Pinspirational} crafts
{Pinspiring} food
 {Pintastic} girly drinks
swag bags
 and lots of girly getaway fun!

Right now it's all still in the works, but i'm kind of throwing around the idea of May at my house.
No official date yet--but if this is a can't miss it kind of thing for you, 
then get me your dates ASAP and I'll take it into consideration! 

There will be a limited number of spots {around 5} and a small crafting fee {Not to exceed $25}
Everything else will be provided--you just have to bring yourself and have fun!
I'd love to know your feedback on this!
Comment here or on Facebook if this sounds like something you'd love to be a part of.

I can't tell you how excited I am about this!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

{WILW} Home Inspire Edition

It's been a while since I've posted a What i'm Loving Wednesday
with This Kind of Love
But here's some home inspiration for my readers out there! 

We're going to start looking for our home this Summer, but it doesn't keep me from looking at them now!
Confesssion: I look at the MLS Listings in BG multiple times a day.
Here are a few homes in the area that I'm loving!

I hope that we have a bathroom similar to this so we can make this happen!

Loving this idea of incorporating the pups essentials into the kitchen!

I'm going to IKEA soon to grab this for my craft room!
Continuing the chalkboard love

Lovin' this super smart water bottle storage. Genius!

And as always...I love this stud to pieces!

Thanks again for stopping by!

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