Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WILW--Fitness Motivation Edition

I haven't wanted to brag to much...but it's my blog and i'm proud..
So why not.

Since December 28th I am down...
10 lbs!

Can I get a What What!

I am so excited.
Good ol' hard work and eating right.
I wasn't really that overweight, it was just a matter of 

wedding stress, holidays, and lots of eating out 

that all culminated into some serious junk in the trunk.

So to celebrate that, i'm showing you some things that i'm loving that are helping me along the way!

First things first:

I'm Loving Weight Watchers!
It's a lifesaver...really.
If you want to know if it's for you--talk to me! I could sing it's praises it all day long.

The mobile app makes it so easy to chart the food you eat, and it includes most any restaurant you will visit,
You also gain activity points the more you workout,  
and you have weekly "flex" points you can use if you go out to eat.
{helps so you don't blow your diet on date night}

 I'm also Loving the Couch to 5K Program.
They have a mobile app that I use to chart my runs.

I'm running three days a week, and am planning on starting Zumba classes next week. 
We'll see how that goes considering i'm so uncoordinated and lack rhythm! 

I'm Loving the weather that lets me get outside and exercise.
Nick goes to the park and plays Disc Golf every night after work, so on my stay-at-home days i've been meeting up with him to run.

    Note: Not the best idea to start running outside on the hilliest trail in Bowling Green

I'm also Loving  some of these low point foods!

1 Point + for 1 oz. 
{My favorite sweet treat} 
3 Points + for 2 cookies.
For a carb fix, these Ranch Roasted Potatoes are perfect!
2 Points + for 1/2 cup.

 And lastly, i'm Loving these motivational sayings.
I've put several up on the wall in front of my treadmill to push me to keep going!


And as always, I love that this stud is working  hard to be healthy too.
Beach bodies here we come!


Monday, February 18, 2013


Time: 6:47PM
Location: Couch {I'm always here!}
Weather: Windy & Rainy
Wearing: Yoga Pants & My high school band sweatshirt {we're talking over 11 years old, people}
Eating: Turkey Burgers
Drinking: Water
Loving: That my super hot husband gave me my birthday gift early!
Enjoying: Being cuddled by two adorable puppies.
Excited: That my BFF Melissa is coming to spend the weekend with me.
Realizing: I don't always appreciate all the little things the hubs does for me.
Feeling: EXHAUSTED from running at the park today.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Pay it Forward #1

Remember this?

Well I got my first handmade gift in the mail last week.

I opened up the mail..ripped through the packaging..and saw this beaut!
I'm a sucker for anything monogrammed.

Thanks so much Brandie from Dream Custom Artwork.


Friday, February 15, 2013

Homemade V-Day 2013

This Valentine's Day [Our first married] we decided on a theme..


From the get-go the hubs made is VERY clear that he was not about to craft something for me.

His exact words:
"Crafts are the antithesis of everything I am."

I knew this when I married him. Sad day.
But alas, he does support my crafting addiction and appreciates what I make.
So i skeedaddled into my craft room, my brain swirling with ideas!

First project was to use the Hubs fav candy..Reeces Pieces.
I used a clear pillow box i got from PYP
and Embellishments are from Hobby Lobby.

Second idea is based on this idea on Pinterest, and new it would be easy and fun! 

Here's 2013 Vday Craft Central

 Nick's version of Homemade was to make me dinner..and flowers {Which he didn't make ;)}

He chose Chicken Costoletta from Cheescake Factory 
Fried Chicken, smothered in creamy sauce, and served over a sinful amount of pasta.

I haven't seen such dangerous ingredients cooked in the kitchen in a long time.
full fat milk, heavy whipping cream, real butter, gouda, parmasean, and oh the bread!

messy cook.

We ended the night watching TV and Cuddling.
Perfect Vday!

Monday, February 11, 2013


Time: 6:30PM
Location: Living Room
Watching: Wheel of Fortune
Listening: To Pat Sajak make awkward comments on Wheel of Fortune.
Eating: Meatloaf {Yum!}
Drinking: Light Cranberry/Grape Juice
Reading: Mockingjay from the Hunger Game series
Needing: to get the motivation to clean the house.
Wanting: the laundry to magically fold itself so I could read all day
Crafting: Valentine's present for the hubs
Enjoying: That my workout is done for the day!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

{Tutorial} Valentine Banner

Blogging took the backburner this week as I was completely engulfed in the Hunger Games Trilogy.
I'm a little behind on the bandwagon, but I completely see why it's so popular...they are incredible!

I'm almost done with Mockingjay,
and i'm trying to space it out {even cleaning for goodness sake} so it doesn't have to end.

But alas, I figured since I promised a tutorial on my Valentine's Banner--
I should probably get it up before Valentine's Day is over!

So here you go!

You will need:
Valentine Scrapbook Paper/Bookpages
Modge Podge
Sponge Brush 
Wood frames
Acrylic Paint


Start by cutting strips of paper to fit on the flat, front part of the clothespin.
Then modge podge the paper onto the clothespin.

While the clothespins dry, start painting the wooden frames.
I chose classic Valentine colors {red, pink & gray} painting two of each color.

Next, click on over here, and print off the  XOXO Banner that I made for you!

The next few steps may vary depending on your frames, the look your going for, etc.
But here's how I did mine.

I made the XOXO a little smaller than my frames because I knew I wanted to put bookpages behind it.

I used a tape runner to put together banner and frames

I then cut a piece of twine for the banner, and connected the frames to the banner with the clothespins I made earlier.

And you are all done!

Here's a few more pictures of  the finished product.

Break Down:

Scrapbook Paper- .25/each @ Hobby Lobby
Frames- $1/each @ Michaels
Printable-- FREE!
 All other materials I had on hand

Total Cost$7

Not bad!
 Hug your honey & head to the store to make your own!  
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