Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Five

So many of the blogs I read do this during the week, so I thought i'd tag along this week and show my favs.

01|  AppleFest at Jackson's Orchard

 It's this weekend, and such a fun way for locals to get into the Fall spirit around here.
I'm especially looking forward to the fried apple pies and cider slushies
{sounds so much better than hot cider considering it's going to be 90+ degrees!}

02| Halloween Village by Dept. 56

I discovered this fun and quirky set earlier this week. Forget the Christmas Village bring on Halloween.

03| Mums

 I spyed my first mums at the grocery store last weekend. 
I'd love to plant some in the front flower beds--someone come help me!

 04| Craftaholics Anonymous FB page

I'll be honest, I don't always love bloggers who have FB pages for their blogs.
 They just regurgitate what I read on their blog everyday, and the constant bombardment can be annoying.
But if there is one to "like" it's this ONE!
You can post any craft related question to her wall, and she will share with her 65K followers to get you the best answer ever!
Go ahead and click over to see. You won't regret it.

05| My dining area

I feel like it's finally coming together..and is looking oh so inviting. I adore sitting here in the morning enjoying the view and coffee.
Little slice of Heaven.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little Mrs. Pay it Forward.

Now that we're all settled in such in our new home,
I thought I'd break in the craft room and get to paying it forward crafty style.

I already received one gift this year from Brandie @ Dream Custom Artwork and loved it!
So I felt it was my turn to get to my five and send some love their way.

I couldn't decide on one gift to give all five, so I broke it down into two separate ideas.

Washi Tape Monogrammed Coasters

I have a set of these for myself..and loved them so much I wanted to share the love.
The ceramic scalloped coaster paired with the colorful washi tape and monogram make it such a cute and functional piece.

And let the monogram love continue...
{What good Southern woman doesn't love to Monogram everything}

Monogrammed Oil Dispensers

The monogrammed oil dispensers are among the most favorite items I have ever made!
If I ever get around to starting up my Vinyl business--I'm sure these will be a top seller.
They turned out precious.

 Presentation is everything for creative types like me..
So of course the packages needed to be fancied up a little before i sent them out.

This was so very fun to do. Can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

{Tutorial} Indian Corn Fall Wreath

Lets be honest, September is pretty much Fall around here. 
I'm trying my hardest to hold out for a few more weeks, but with all the Fall Scents coming out and a few chilly days here and there I'm already in Fall mode.

The hubs and I are also going to an Apple Festival at Jackson's Orchard this weekend, and after that I'm pulling out all the tubs and getting to decorating! 

This is the first tutorial of the Fall season, and I think it turned out beautifully!

You will need:

14" Straw Wreath Form
Indian Corn
Raffia [I used both orange and natural]
Glue Gun
Natural Burlap Ribbon
Orange Burlap Ribbon

Remember my Pier One Fall haul
These adorable gem covered Indian Corn pieces are finally getting some Fall love.
And they were a steal at $.98/each!


Start by gluing burlap ribbon to the back of the wreath.
Wrap it around making sure to overlap pieces so no straw can show through
Tip: Don't remove plastic covering on straw wreath forms.
It minimizes mess and makes it so much easier to work with.

Next take pieces of Indian corn and glue them around the wreath form. 
I started at the top and worked my way down both sides, trying to make it as symmetrical as possible.


I left a little space at the top to place the bow and make hanging on the door easier.

At this point, I thought it needed a little more oomph so I decided to add some raffia to imitate the husks being pulled back on the corn.

I took the raffia, alternating colors and gluing between the pieces of corn. 

Hobby Lobby has orange burlap ribbon that I have been hoarding bought a few rolls of.
I used it to make a bow and glued on top of the wreath.

Next, I trimmed the raffia to make it a little more uniform and added a gem to the bow to tie together the gems on the corn.

And here's the final look!


Wreath form-- $2 @ Hobby Lobby
Gem Indian Corn-- $3.92 @ Pier One
Burlap--$3 @ Hobby Lobby
All other items I had on hand. 

Total Cost:


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Monday, August 19, 2013


time: 8 AM
 location: kitchen table
eating: leftover breakfast casserole
drinking: my second cup of coffee [I overslept. Correction: we overslept]
loving: My childhood changing table turned kitcken buffet.
loathing: Oversleeping [I secretly love it..but lets keep that hush hush, people]
wondering: if i'll ever get all these boxes unpacked.
wishing: My sister could live up here. [She's visiting for a long weekend]
creating: Some Crafty Pay it Forward fun [sorry it's late--but the years not over yet!}
thinking: of what's for dinner tonight.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

New home New Craft Room [Part two]

Welcome to my favorite room in the house!
 As you scroll through the pics, I tried to let you know where some of the crutial organizing/design elements came from to help inspire you.
Thanks for stopping by!

The white cabinets came from Lowe's, and the counter-top is a standard length Lowe's has in stock.
Talk about insta-desk! 

I also have been coveting this stool at Target for several months--and finally decided it would make the perfect adjustable stool for my bar height desk.

Quick side note: The desk wasn't intentionally bar height--but if you are looking at options for a desk think about this first. What I love about it is the option to sit or stand while crafting. It's going to be a life-saver for my back, allowing me to stand and not hunch over my table when I'm crafting the day away


It's all about function & design in the main hub of the room.
The dowel of Washi Tape & Baker's twine make grabbing and going easy peasy!

These adorable galvanized tins came from the One Spot at Target, and I just vinyl-ized them with some Chalkboard vinyl. I used a chalk marker to write the names of my most used items so they are organized and within reach.
Chalk Markers are from here, and paint dotters are from here & here
Go ahead and get yourself a couple sets of all of these. I can't recommend them enough.

The adorable "Get Excited" printable can be found here for free.
two of a crafter's favorite words "free printable"

The creme-de-la-craft of my space
My Silhouette  
finally arrived and I've had a horrible fun time trying to figure it out.

I know it will be better than my Cricut--but i'm a hard convert I guess.

I did made my first vinyl design though--the bright blue circle monogram between the windows. 
 And i LOVE it!

Stay tuned over the next few weeks, and i'll be highlighting some of the how-to behind some of my favorite elements of my new craft space.

Hope you're inspired to get crafting!

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New home New Craft Room [Part 1]

I probably have a total of 10 blog posts in the works, but all this moving/unpacking stuff 
[which is for crazy people]
has taken over everything!

Most of the house looks like we've just moved in...
But i have FINALLY finished {ONE} room!

Flash back to a month ago when my lovely parents came to spend the week with us and help us get settled.
They were seriously a Godsend! We got so much done with them here.

I had seen this image on Pinterest several months before--and stuck it in the back of my mind for my future craftroom.
It is such a bright and cheery Fall palette, and still allows me to incorporate some things from my old craft room.

My step-mom knew that I wouldn't be able to unpack that room until I got it seriously organized, and she helped to convince the hubs that I NEEDED it done. :) 
Love a woman after my own heart!
We then bebopped on over to Lowes and picked out this color--Butterscotch Sundae..


..And got to painting!

This little stinker started to walk in--saw the walls and backed herself right back out.
Guess she wasn't ready for all the color!

While we painted, my two favorite men put together all the cabinetry for the room.
They were not amused that I was snapping pics of them, and refused to look at the camera.


Forward several hours later. 
We finished painting and then everyone worked together to get the bigger pieces put together and up.

And the next morning I snapped this pic.
Goodness Gracious HGTV would be proud.

To go along with the color scheme, I decided to paint the pegboard Spa Blue by Americana.
Look at that color pop against the orange wall!

That's the background of how my room started--
Click on over to see how I brought it all together!
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