Thursday, September 26, 2013

Country Living Fair 2013

Two weekends ago, my friend Jessica and I headed  up to Columbus, OH to attend the Country Living Fair.
Let me tell was a dream.

The fair was located in Ohio Village, a recreation of a mid-19th century village.

Everywhere we looked there were little white tents, decorated with all the vintage, antique and handmade finds that your little heart could imagine. Some of my favorite parts were the tent details.

And of course I loved pretty much everything that I saw.

This sign reminds me of my hubby. :)

We also stopped in and stalked Cari from the show Cash and Cari

Look at these precious doorknob picture holders she made.

Took pics next to a dreamy pile of pumpkins and gourds.
Holy Pumpkins!

And after shopping our little hearts out, we stopped in and got some yummy cobbler.
 and I ate every bite of it with no shame. 

For some reason we left and forgot to take pictures of our hauls.
I'll point out some of my favorite finds in my Fall tour this weekend!

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