Thursday, September 19, 2013

{Freebie} Live within your Harvest printable

I love my husband.

He's loving, caring, funny, and so darn cute.
He's my perfect match--and I thank the good Lord everyday that he brought us together.

One thing that he has really taught me over the last few years
is the importance of a budget and living within/below our means.
I never had a budget before we got married, and spent my money on whatever I wanted. 
{Especially things from Hobby Lobby}

It took me a bit to have a positive view on budgeting and saving more than I spend,
{Don't get me wrong I understood the importance, just like I said above I love to shop}

But because of his view on money and spending, we now have a beautiful first home.
Which wouldn't be possible without saving, planning, and more saving.


I found this quote online recently, and knew I wanted to make it into a printable for my Fall decor.

Make sure to click below to get the high-quality printable without the watermark. 

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  1. It's so nice to read your blog in-between doing paperwork! So refreshing!!


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