Saturday, October 5, 2013

Friday {I mean Saturday} 5

1 | Fancy Blog Update

I'm sure by now you've noticed a few changes around Bee of Good Cheer!
I had been searching for several months for a reasonable Blog designer to give the ol' blog an upgrade and found Rebekah Louise Designs on Etsy. She was so quick to communicate, and took my hodge podge of ideas [bees, watercolor, hexagons] and made them into a jaw dropping design!
She was so very patient and willing to tweak and change every little thing--even a few times when I changed my mind after she had designed something.
We got the entire blog design/social package done in 1 week! That's how on the ball she was.
 If you are in the market for a blog update please don't hesitate to check her out on Etsy.
I can't recommend her enough

2 | Built Ins for our Master

After lots of hunting and thinking, the hubs and I have finally decided to put some built-ins in our bedroom.
We have this adorable area in the corner, and it has dwarfed even the big piece of furniture we have.
I'm excited...and of course Pinterest is bubbling over with ideas.

3 | Finishing our Attic

I've obviously been dreaming A LOT this week. 
The hubs was working on something in the attic earlier this week, and I went up there and was amazed at how much space there was. So immediately I began thinking where we could put stairs so that we could finish that space one day {wayyyy in the future}
Pinterest doesn't help. So many ideas.

4 | Mulled Cider

Tis the season, and my little Fall-loving body needs a direct injection of this stuff.
I found this recipe for Crock-Pot Mulled Cider, and you better believe i'm making a big crock of this for our extended anniversary trip to Gatlinburg.

5 | Dingbats

Since I've got my Silhouette, I've been playing a lot with fun fonts and dingbats.
Here's a list of some really awesome free ones!

I used Stateface on my KY wood print here and it turned out great!

 photo beesignature_zps626bf673.png

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